Akbash Buyer Reviews

Finley is doing great, such a loving and sweet girl. She has bonded with the goats very well, She still has a good deal of puppy in her but learns quickly and truly tries to be good. Finley has become best friends with our goat Aspen. They walk together, play together, and even eat together. Finley will take a mouth full of food and put it by Aspen's feeder to eat. They also have a wonderful time playing on the spools together. She acts like the goats until someone or something she is not familiar with gets to close to her boundaries.She loves sitting on the spools to oversee her domain. We have an appointment in June to have her spayed. I hate doing it but it's the best thing for her in the long run.  Signed, Laura Kuras owner of Belfair's Finley Grace born in March 2023. ADI & UKC reg. Elizabethton, TN

April 17, 2024

Finley with best friend Aspen

Taz is doing great. We get to go to tons of different places and meet different people. He loves them all. I had to leave him for several hours today and came home to no messes.Everyone who meets him, wants him. His training is going well. 


We just got back from a training trip. First we went to a rifle range.Parked in the back of the parking lot and sat in the car. Taz did great. No reaction to the rifle noise at all. 


We then went to a hardware store for a visit. Taz loves meeting new people. There is a guy who trains GSD who works there and he said "I have never seen a 13 week old dog who behaves this well". It brought a smile to my face. Taz is coming along great. Thanks for this great puppy. Signed Mike Peters owner of Belfair's Taz, companion dog born January 30, 2024. ADI & UKC reg. Anza, Arizona