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Gabby at 2 yrs

Our Guardian & Breeding Akbash Dogs............

Vulkan at 6 yrs

120 lbs

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Our Akbash Dogs are registered with the United Kennel Club and Akbash Dog International. They are OFA certified for both Hips & Elbows.  Puppies are sold for livestock guardians and not pets and go to their new homes with a 5 year guarantee against inherited disorders. They are raised here on our farm with sheep for 3 months. Receive 3 vaccinations & wormed 3 times. All puppies receive a health check from a Veterinarian. They are temperament tested and placed in the home they are best suited for.  You will also receive free advice for the life of that pup. A $250. non-refundable deposit is required on all puppies. Refundable if we can not provide you with a healthy puppy.

Stott's Ranch Dealum's Kismet, OFA Cert. Kismet has retired from our breeding program and is now spayed. She will remain as our awesome LGD.

Belfair Gabbys Second Chance. OFA Cert for hips & Elbows. Sired by Springside Vulkan of Belfair X Stott's Ranch Dealum's Kismet. UKC & ADI reg.

                                                Our Girls

                 Akbash Dog International and United Kennel

                                     Club Registered

Springside Vulkan of Belfair OFA Cert.

UKC & ADI registered. Neutered but still our awesome Livestock Guardian

 Our Stud Dogs-Future & Present

Litter planned between Eldar and Gabby in spring 2024.

White Pass Eldar of Belfair UKC & ADI registered.OFA certified for hip & elbows
Eldar at 1 year

Belfair's Lady Melek, OFA certified Sired by Springside Vulkan of Belfair x SSK Cerne of Belfair, UKC & ADI Reg

Belfair's Mighty Zoltan 3 yrs old ADI & UKC Reg. 0FA Cert. hips & elbows Stud service $900.Approved bitches only


Sired by ALP Arslan of Blue Yayla (import) X Stott's Ranch Dealum Kismet

All our dogs our working dogs on our sheep Farm